Webcomic search Steampunk goblin cheesecake

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Webcomic search Steampunk goblin cheesecake

Postby AdamZero » August 21st, 2009, 6:47 am

Hopefully one of those words will catch the attention of the masses.

I'm searching for any links leading to this one comic I'd been reading for a while, it went on hiatis and I lost the links, and forgot hte name. What I do remember is this.

*The comic centers around goblins. (not D*D goblins tho)
*It's steam punk.
*The comic starts with a human messenger showing up on the front lines, and both sides realizing the war they thought they'd been fighting was actually over for a while.
*Humans wear bubble helmets.
*Females on all sides wear tight and/or revealing outfits..

There's at least three 'issues' of it.

There's also a side comic I remember, it has no dialogue, and involved airborn raiders attacking a convention of elitist pricks who laugh out a doctor (dark skin, large body, circular lenses, sorta beanie cap) who was clearly warning they needed to stop being pricks toward the AIrborne species.

Trying to find it. <.< >.> Help plz?
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