2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

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2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

Postby The Comment Golem » June 20th, 2013, 12:00 am

Discussion thread for [CT] Embarrassment
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Re: 2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

Postby Angelfly » June 20th, 2013, 1:12 am

Whew, can't believe I registered just for this:
I wanted to tell you that moving in such cloaks is actually pretty easy. You learn to move in a way that the movement comes from your upper body, causing the cloak to always be a bit in front and behind your feet.
Thus, when you take a step, the cloak will go forward automatically, with no danger of tripping.
Since I have a cloak that goes fully around me, I have plenty of experience in this.

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Re: 2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

Postby Zatoichi » June 20th, 2013, 5:45 am

Highly decorated court armor was common in the 17th & 18th centuries. Normally belonged to high ranking, wealthy people - princes, dukes, etc. That seems to match well with the Errant Story concept. Plate armor went out of common use because it was not helpful to defend against firearms. But we still use it today, just for different purposes.

Take a look at this one from the collection of the Landeszeughaus of Graz in Austria:
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Re: 2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

Postby Disciple of Sakura » June 20th, 2013, 6:19 am

Elves, with their natural +2 to Dexterity, should have an easier time avoiding tripping on long cloaks than clumsy humans who don't have a bonus to DEX. Makes sense to me.
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Re: 2013-06-20: [CT] Embarrassment

Postby eee » June 20th, 2013, 2:50 pm

Ellis is probably faking. He and Meji have a mind link but knocking her out would not necessarily KO him. But he's a cat, and he's up against Elves. Pretending to be out cold is probably his best option right now.

Those suits of armor aren't bullet proof. Too bad, that would be a nice feature shortly. :lol:
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