2013-07-30: [CT] Lead Dead Moron

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Re: 2013-07-30: [CT] Lead Dead Moron

Postby BloodHenge » July 31st, 2013, 12:37 am

Graybeard wrote:Oh, I dunno. Ever hear the way Marines in the Real World talk about regular Army?

It's one thing to insult an entire institution. It's quite another to insult a specific person who died in the line of duty. Although I admit I haven't heard anyone say much about specific members of a different branch of the armed forces, so maybe that's more common than I imagine.
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Re: 2013-07-30: [CT] Lead Dead Moron

Postby tosoloter » July 31st, 2013, 10:44 pm

Imp-Chan wrote:There are only two light gray Sarine bubbles on the page. The rest is all Sarna's rambling, and it's broken up because that way it fit on the page. It could definitely be clearer, but I have no idea how it could do that and occupy only the one page.

The first Sarine bubble is the upper right, it addresses Sarna directly. The second is the middle bottom, it confirms Sarna's train of thought.

I will gladly take suggestions on how to make this clearer, because I have put something like ten hours into what you see and it still isn't clear.


Yeah, I COMPLETELY failed to notice the different colored drop shadow to indicate speaker, and was similarly confused and assumed there was a typo. The only panel I even noticed the gray shadow on was the first panel on the previous page, where I assumed it had been chosen so as not to blend in with the silhouettes in the background. I would suggest maybe making Sarine's bubbles filled in with a very light gray instead.
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Re: 2013-07-30: [CT] Lead Dead Moron

Postby Imp-Chan » August 1st, 2013, 1:33 am

The telepathy bubbles definitely aren't finalized yet. These pages are going to be shaded, so I have to wait until Poe has done that before I can settle on a final form for the bubbles, since I have to see what will show up against all that gray. Mercifully, there aren't all that many of them left.

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