The Tropes of EN Contest

Share the love (well, ok, not literally, that might get messy) for Poe's first big outing into the webcomic world.
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The Tropes of EN Contest

Post by Viking-Sensei »

So it's been a few years since anybody's been using the EN board, and I figured maybe I'll kickstart a little discussion here. I am, as I know a few others here are, a big fan of TV Tropes. Fair warning to the uninitiated - TV Tropes will eventually eat your soul. There's even a trope about it eating your soul.

But before it does, I thought maybe we'd run a bit of a Trope-Finding Contest here. Poe's a very genre-savvy man, and his writing shows it. And while Errant Story may delve into the fantasy tropes heavily, Exploitation Now tromps all over scifi, action, adventure, webcomic, lesbian, anime, hentai, and countless other tropes.

So my challenge to you is this... let's see/hear some examples. I believe there's a 3 link-per-post limit, so no more than 3 examples per post. And I know EN is mentioned more than once inside TV Tropes already. I won't disqualify previously existing entries, but I'm looking for new material.

Contest length is through the end of May. Winner will be whomever posts the most legitimate trope cross-references. Prizes to be determined - I'll see if I can't juice Poe for an all-new EN character sketch or something. Now... go go go!
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Re: The Tropes of EN Contest

Post by Alessa »

This is an old post, but I can't resist doing some anyways. I glanced over the existing Exploitation Now tropes page so hopefully these aren't too duplicate-ish.

Jordan's reason for taking over the world seems to be For The Evulz. Death and destruction turns her on, what can she say... Related to her status as the Evil Genius which is already there.

Jones seems to qualify for Hyperspace Arsenal which is lampshaded when some of the men comment on it.

Jordan is a kind of deconstruction of The Grinch because she hates Christmas but never gets better. Not sure if this one's worth listing but I couldn't think of any more off the top of my head ^^;;
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