Board Specific Rules for Exploitation Now

Share the love (well, ok, not literally, that might get messy) for Poe's first big outing into the webcomic world.
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Board Specific Rules for Exploitation Now

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Also known as [Exceptions Now], but I was afraid nobody would get it... *sigh*

While we at the Errant Story Forums do our best to keep things generally 'Works Safe' here... we offer no guarantees about the content contained within the Exploitation Now forum. (I mean, it's called Exploitation Now, folks...)

While we do not condone the use of NSFW materials, links, images, sound files, rickrolls, naughty collectible figurines, etc...if it's going to happen anywhere, it's probably going to happen to Exploitation Now. As always, anything that is too incredibly horribly over-the-top mind-alteringly bad we will happily remove, please just use that handy 'report' button to alert us to the infraction and a trained Technician (probably me) will be sent out with a mop and bucket.

Worth mentioning... links and images directly involved in ExNow (like links to comics with nudity, found Poe works d' art) do NOT count as infringements, since they are topic-relevant. They are however NSFW, and it would be REALLY nice if they were labeled properly.

(On a side note, Our rules on swearing remain delightfully unchanged. Cuss your hearts out, ya pervs.)
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