2000-12-20: Pogo Reference

Share the love (well, ok, not literally, that might get messy) for Poe's first big outing into the webcomic world.

2000-12-20: Pogo Reference

Postby Holographic Jet Li » December 19th, 2000, 3:00 pm

Discussion thread for Pogo Reference

Pogo was a comic by Walt Kelley.
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Re: 2000-12-20: Pogo Reference

Postby Imp-Chan » July 16th, 2014, 7:09 pm

You know, I'm pretty sure the bartender here is actually the Anti-Poe. He's friendly, outgoing, and gets in the Christmas spirit... and most importantly, he doesn't have a goatee.

Because scary little devil girls have to stick together.
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