Babylon Jones comic

Share the love (well, ok, not literally, that might get messy) for Poe's first big outing into the webcomic world.
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Babylon Jones comic

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I have this vague memory of at some point in my decade-past fandom of EN of actually reading the Babylon Jones comic strips that preceded EN...

I can't seem to find them though. Are they up anywhere? Were they taken down? Or was I just imagining it all?
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Re: Babylon Jones comic

Post by RegalSin »

According to "Impi" ( Poes main "Doctor the Mrs. Poe" :o ). We have to scavanger threw the wayback machine, for past website artifacts. I miss that Comic, Jones being this indistructable fem-fatal simular to "Dark Angel" working with her brainiac child assistant. I miss the days, when Babylon would rant on about Jordan losing her virginity yet. I think towards the end of EN, that is when Poe decided to change his persona. Then again Rob Shrab lost his girlfriend in the middle of
his comic reign.
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