Getting redirected to other sites.

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Getting redirected to other sites.

Post by DarkAdmiral »

I was in the mood to re-read EN but whenever I head to the site I see it for a few seconds and then I get redirected to some other site like this one ... g1N2MzZDE5 .

Somehow I doubt this is what is supposed to happen... Hopefully this can be fixed, EN was one of the first webcomics I ever read.
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Re: Getting redirected to other sites.

Post by kaitou »

Yup, it's not. Looks like cr8tivity has turned on us (actually, I think they went belly-up). I clipped the link out. I'm surprised it didn't do something evil on Errant Story, too.

Thanks for letting us know.

If anyone still sees it, try flushing your cache (hard re-display) and if it's still there, PM me.
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