Electo-o-nomicron 2008

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Re: Electo-o-nomicron 2008

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Indeed. I think a SMALL space, with enough room for one small image or just a few lines of text would be fine. The forums I visit typically allow that, and it's not really a problem. In fact, I find I sometimes use the sigs to help scan for specific people's posts. Mondo sigs, on the other hand, ARE a massive problem (pun fully intended.) So I'm in the "allow sigs and images with moderation to prevent OMGCROTCH images" camp.
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Re: Electo-o-nomicron 2008

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Voting has officially begun (I would have started this yesterday, but I was hung over from Friday night's Halloween Party - I went as Tony Stark, and got what I deserved). Click here to cast your vote.
How could a plan this awesome possibly fail?
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