I might just regret this, but...

Because it only took Viking-Sensei three years (and the approaching end of Errant Story) to come up with a better name for "General Discussions"
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Labrat »

I have never been on IRC, I wouldn't know the first thing about attempting to get on IRC, and I only know what the acronym means because of all the crazy BS some of you guys pulled on it back in Khym. But still, it seems like something that might breath some life into these forums... which are sluggish to say the least*. Even a gushing fountain of trolling and flamewar dickery is better than silence.

*Though at least they aren't borderline dead like Kyhm is without a webcomic to suck blood from.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by DaManRando »

Wouldn't a simple chat room be better for that kinda thing? least ways that means that no special software would be needed, as if your reading this you have all that you need. Then again thats just me.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Evader »

Quickest way to make a successful chat room:

1. Establish IRC channel on some network
2. Install a java app on the web site that jumps directly to said network and channel.
3. Give said chat app a token mention on frontpage rant for initial boost.

So, people click the 'chat' button on the web site and are immediately plunged headfirst into the chat room. Anyone that cares enough can independently get a chat client and connect manually if they choose.
Anyways, the minimal work would be the three steps up top. It could be fire and forget if one wants. No special software required of prospective chatters, just press button, receive chat.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Luciifiel »

It's kinda an old thread but I think this isn't a very good idea. Why? 'Cos hosting an engaging irc channel can take up a lot of time, especially if you're considering multiple timezones and that you'd need to get some people to constantly log-in to "moderate" the ongoing conversations. That and all that technical/admin stuff.... registering a channel, finding/programming/hosting a suitable non-cpu-intensive online applet(for those without an irc client), etc., etc. is a quite a drag. Besides, forums are good enough for communication.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by koshkoo »

Way I see it, if it's free it's extra infrastructure/service to be used, it requires some moderation but not always. More likely than ever it would be pretty vacant.

It seems like a good idea to run instant RP there though, given if you could log the chat and edit later... now that's the tedious part the editing...

Having said that, it would govern the functionality of the chat room, I am no techno geek but I had been using IRCs for quite a while, and lately Flash chat seems to promise an easier access with the price of stability...

However, it's not going to be some kind of advertising attraction, more like 'extra service' your fan base might be able to enjoy. So it comes down to cost and time if a IRC is set up, that's considering if it's some sort of flash chat thingy, IRC channels are a flood gate for trolls and randoms 9/10 of them not going to be much help to what you want to promote...

Personally, I'd go for easy access if it's to be part of the integrity of the site...

Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Forevergrey »

Poe and Jim and I have been talking for a while about more ways to reach out and involve the fan community,
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Forevergrey »

Ahaha I guess he just posts exclusively on SA and RevLeft now.

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Edit: Viking, deleting your own posts, huh? :?
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Viking-Sensei »

What happened here is something that almost never happens, folks, and in the interest of transparency I'm going to tell you all what happened. No smoke and mirrors, just some unfortunate truths.

Normally, it is my intent as admin to welcome all initially, to judge everyone equally and fairly, and to let the content of their actions as well as their words stand for the content of their character. Unfortunately, some times a person or persons past actions are so bad that they continue through to today, and no amount of tabula rasa can completely wipe their slate clean.

When I saw this user's posts, I had a suspicion I knew them from somewhere before. Their first couple of posts were potentially inflamatory, so I quickly moved to try and play this one up for some humor (that's the deleted reply he references), but upon further research, I realized that this was simply not going to work out. I found that the user in question had a bad history with Impy, including (but not limited to) some inappropriate levels of personal harrassment, something that I just won't tolerate. And, seeing that his other post (in the Dance thread - unlike this post, I did delete) was more-or-less a personal attack - right off the bat, no less - I dropped the ban hammer on him.

I don't like doing things like this. It's not why I signed up to be an admin. And for the most part, you all are fantastic and make my job so easy. Playing whack-a-mole with spambots is one thing, but I dislike having to act so severely against a real person, however you should know that their actions - if not here, than elsewhere - warranted such action. I won't say that we have any 100% Zero Tolerance policies or any other bullshit like that - but there's a line between fun playing and genuine disagreement, and there's a further line between ideological conflicts and out-and-out personal attacks. Don't cross it.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Sareth »

I saw the post that the now banned individual had made which has since been zapped. It rubbed me the wrong way, but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions. The explanation you just gave helps to settle this issue for me, so for what it's worth, thank you for the moderation.
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Re: I might just regret this, but...

Post by Forrest »

Did anything every come of this IRC channel idea? I would totally lurk there. And if people talked, I would talk too.
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