Please make Conquest 2 happen! [RTS fans]

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Please make Conquest 2 happen! [RTS fans]

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Conquest: Frontier Wars was an underdog RTS that got overlooked due to poor marketing from the publisher.
Many skipped it because starcraft was the big sun in the sky blocking all other light sources and it was also mistakenly perceived as a clone and never given a chance.
The game was really unique and brilliant in its approach, with a very strong emphasis on strategy, with elements such as supply lines, far stronger than the clickfest/action-per-minute that Starcraft has become.
And while one usually pick a strategy to open with and is rigidly stuck to it, win or lose, throughout Starcraft, in Conquest you could be agile and retool to adapt to your opponent's activity.

Years later and the developer now returned with a kickstarter for the sequel, already half made, with nothing short of spectacular additions to vastly improve the original and codify it further into the strategic elements that separates from the C&Cs and Starcrafts of the genre.

If you love RTS and like Spaceship RTS, then please help and spread the word, donate yourselves if possible. ... fans-unite

A little plug from the father of Wing Commander:
Chris Roberts
I've kicked in!

Full Disclaimer: Conquest 1 was developed at my old studio Digital Anvil and then completed for release by Ubisoft by a small core of ex DA employees that didn't stay when Microsoft bought the company in 2001 so I have a certain affinity for the game!

The new one will be built by a good portion of the original team, and I'm betting that if it gets funded that a few more may join!

I'll be giving them feedback during development and am looking forward to playing the new one.

So if you like RTS games and space battles (who doesn't? :-) please help them reach their goal.
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