Forum Game: Ask a Stupid Question, Get an Answer

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Forum Game: Ask a Stupid Question, Get an Answer

Post by Alberich »

I was poking around the net the other day, looking for fun forum games we hadn't tried. This one looked interesting.

Ask a Stupid Question, Get an Answer

Any number, rotating in and out of the game is fine


You ask a silly or smart-alecky question, the kind that people ask without expecting an answer (to show how clever or witty they are). Or maybe just one of those little things you were always wondering but felt foolish asking. The question may be original or trite. The next player gives an unserious answer, demonstrating that there really is such a thing as a dumb question, and you just asked it. Then he asks another such question himself. Questions may not be reused. There is no winner; just have a good time.

Examples (from the forum where I found it):

"Do Australians call the rest of the world 'up over'?"

Rest of the world? There's a rest...?

"Why do people say 'Is this seat taken?' when the seat is obviously empty?"

Obviously, to stop psychos from stabbing them for sitting on their imaginary friends.

Starter question:

"In the song 'Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress),' why's a federal agent calling a county prosecutor?"
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