Help Wanted! Play a game, and get me a degree!

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Help Wanted! Play a game, and get me a degree!

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I need assistance from as many gamer types as are willing to help me out. I am in my final semester of University, and as part of that I need to put together a research project, execute it, then write a thesis showing my process and results. I've pretty much got it all set up and ready, but I need one last thing! You.

I am trying to get as many people as possible to agree to commit to playing a simple game on LiveJournal. It's a freeform RPG style game, with the simple premise that you are a student at a magical school, posting as your character! The more people who participate, the better my results will be!

All I'm asking for is one month (Feb 15 to March 15) after which there will be a survey. Take the survey, and then you can go about your merry way, knowing you have helped a poor, starving University student get that piece of paper he so needs to feed his starving wife and children! What's not to like about that?

Oh, and as a reward, if you decide you like the game you can keep playing it after the 15th. I'll keep the lights on as long as there is interest!


To start playing, just click here:
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