Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Post by Imp-Chan »

Talk Like a Pirate Day is sortof a game, right?

Actually, this is just my segue into the resurgence of Avatar Theme Weeks. As you might notice, right now my avatar is this guy:

Obviously, this is because it is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I recall Avatar Theme Weeks as being pretty fun, back in the good old days of the earlier forum. They're another way to visually spice up the board, and I always liked that. So, long story short, I declare this week to be Pirate Avatar Week, and those who want to participate can.

What should next week be?

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Re: Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Post by Stick & String »

I think the problem with avatar theme weeks is the short time frame. Not everyone can participate on the weekly items (example, I myself have been off doing this and that and not on the net too much for the last 2 weeks), and on the other forum, at times it was a cluster with lots of overlap. An avatar month might work better, with possibel subset within the month for special events (like the talk like a pirate day last month, of course halloween on October, Poes birthday, things like that).
Also, can this forum handle the rotating image type avatar? I assume best to have it hosted offsite as in photobucket or imageshackus.
Does anyone have the code for that setup, the rotating image that is?
A nice montage of halloween/fall images would go nice for me for october.
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Re: Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Post by Viking-Sensei »

What you're looking for isn't a code thing... it's an animated gif. They're fairly easy to make... there's a ton of programs capable of making them. The only thing you have to watch out with for animations is their file size... we've currently got a 15k limit on file size built in... so use simple color schemes or fewer images. If it's still really unreasonable, I can check with Impy about increasing the avatar file size a smidgen.
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