3 Things - Summer Camp Challenge

Home of Viking's Infamous "Three Things" Challenge and some other games likely to make the baby Lord Naughtius cry.
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Re: 3 Things - Summer Camp Challenge

Post by Viking-Sensei »

I meant to give a week-long period of bonus items before the month was up, but things have been a wee bit busy on my side of the keyboard... so tell'ya what - consider this a restock - each item may be used one more time, but your trio of items must contain at least one new item... and we'll be closing this up and figuring out a winner come 7/11 @ midnight.
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Re: 3 Things - Summer Camp Challenge

Post by Graybeard »

Sounds good.

Assortment of home fireworks (you should be able to get them cheap now that the 4th is behind us), gunpowder or equivalent, first-aid kit.

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