Majestic Otter dramatis personae, 5/30/21

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Majestic Otter dramatis personae, 5/30/21

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JR and I are having lots of fun with the "Murder on the Majestic Otter" thread, but it's complex enough, with so many named NPCs, that it gets hard to remember who is who. Hence this memory aid, as discuused here, covering the NPCs other than those in the PC party (Kevin, Annabelle, Elke who's sort of a PC) and Moriarty (also a semi-PC). Names in italics are crew members while others are passengers, etc. The date given is the time of the last posting where they were (apparently) seen alive. (It has to be done this way, rather than the preferred link, because there are more NPCs than the link capacity of the forum can handle.) Names are in reverse chronological order, i.e., those the appeared most recently are given first.
  • HEINRICH. Large, obnoxious cigar smoker who implies he's there to protect the half-elven Tori (next entry). Date: 5/29/21.
  • TORI. Notably attractive young half elf, a ship's steward who doubles (sort of) as an assistant Healer, getting called into this role when the Ship's Healer (below) goes missing. Date: 5/29/21.
  • WALDO GRIWOLDIEL. Assistant Helmsman; knew Anna-Lisa (possibly in more ways than one...) when they were students at Sashi Mu; reputed to have exceptional shapeshifting skills. Date: not actually seen (that we know of), but still alive on 5/17. Update: As of September 2022, Anna-Lisa is quite certain that she saw him in disguise, having shape-shifted(?) to look like First Officer Morokuma (see below).
  • ENSIGN NAGATO. Helmsman, not yet seen, not much known about him/her. Date: 4/26/21; alive but not encountered yet.
  • EDGAR. Simian familiar to Saraya's unnamed husband (see below). Date: 3/26/21.
  • SARAYA. Ship's Lifemage. She has gone missing after discovering the body in the bilge. A bootprint (in blood...) suggests she's still alive ... maybe. Date: 3/26/21 (for the bootprint).
  • TAKASHI. Chief Steward, and another past friend of Anna-Lisa's. Suffered a magical memory wipe just before his latest appearance, as well as something that terrified him. Date: 3/3/21.
  • UNNAMED "LARGE" WOMAN. Apparently connected somehow to Chigaku Kawamura (q.v.) who was threatening her(?) and her husband(??) ashore, more recently seen with Morokuma and Takashi. We don't know her name, but her physique makes her recognizable. Date: 2/2/21.
  • FIRST OFFICER MOROKUMA. Also known as "The Stuffed Shirt" for his uniform and attitude. Ship's top cop, has tangled with Niranjan, Anna-Lisa and Khoo, and is, in general, a redass. Date: 2/2/21.
  • SPA ATTENDANT.We know almost nothing about him, except that he was manning the weight room when Kevin got his dislocated shoulder, and wasn't there when Khoo and Jade found the damaged Kevin. Date: 10/11/20.
  • LONNIE BUDRIEL (or Budiel). Young steward who discovered the body in the bilge, and later, after a drop of liquid courage, spilled his story. Date: 9/9/20.
  • JOSH. Another young steward, named but not yet seen; may or may not be sleeping with Tori. Date:9/2/20. He'd be a particularly good candidate for "adoption."
  • CHIGAKU KAWAMURA. Obnoxious Tsuirakuan investigator, tangled with Khoo before boarding. Highly magical. Date: 8/23/20. Deceased -- maybe; a body pulled out of the ocean by Khoo and Anna-Lisa is claimed (by Morokuma) to be his, but Khoo doubts it.
  • NIRANJAN. Second Officer, much dumped-on by First Officer Morokuma; is taking what's going on personally and seriously. Date: 8/17/20 -- at least peaceful snoring was coming from her cabin at that time. Another good candidate for adoption.
  • "JONNU DOISIMI" (Tsuirakuan equivalent of "John Doe," others on board are masquerading under this name). The man Saraya was sleeping with when she was called to examine the body in the bilge, having been hired for that purpose because Saraya's husband (below) is,well, missing some vital equipment. Date: 5/1/20. Deceased, messily, as parts of his body were found by the PCs.
  • UNNAMED "SHORT, ROUND WOMAN": No name given, but seen first boarding the ship with Kawamura, later sobbing her eyes out about something. Date: 4/11/20.
  • SARAYA'S HUSBAND. Not named as far as I can tell. Fought with Saraya before she got called to the bilge, then drank himself into a stupor; hasn't been mentioned since, but is presumably still alive. A xenobiologist with powerful Polymorph skills. Date: 4/11/20. Update: Seen on 9/22/22, and now with the name Professor Patel (and still inebriated).
Incidentally, some of these might be suitable for "adoption" as PCs by people wanting to join the game. Post your desired character and we'll see what we can work out.

Did I miss anyone?

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