The return of Sister Rose

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The return of Sister Rose

Postby Graybeard » July 25th, 2014, 10:36 am

Just as a heads-up, I'm going to be starting some fanfic shortly that's based on Rose and the various odd things that have happened to her in Errant Road. There are still a goodly number of Errant Road things around her to wrap up --
  • What was the weirdness going on with the Millenarian Church from time to time?
  • What was the weirdness with the giant spider mech that they ran into in Centoriel, and the humongous golem before that?
  • Just exactly what happened in that grand final battle that didn't come off, because Amalric went and blew up the bad guys instead?
  • What ever became of the half elves that Lillith, Argus and Rose helped in Nautkia?
  • Weddings galore, notably for her colleagues Miguel and Farley, both of whom want her to officiate at theirs
-- And so on. In addition, there are some new things that have been in the works but didn't happen because of the general quieting-down of Errant Road. I can probably keep writing about Rose for another five years, she's that much fun for me to write!

A favor I'd like to ask of all you Errant Roadies: I would like to include several of your characters in this from time to time, mainly as "cameos" for her to run into in her various adventures but not to be a major part of them. Are you okay with that? I promise not to kill anyone off :o or make them do things you wouldn't have them do yourself, and if there are constraints on their use that you would like me to observe, I will make every effort to do so. Please drop me a PM about your preferences on this at your earliest convenience. (Desiree and Udo need not apply here; they're still going concerns in Errant Road, and will not be appearing in the fanfic while Errant Road is still alive.)

Thanks, and I'm looking forward greatly to getting this project going! Please be in touch.
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