Building the "Majestic Otter"

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Re: Building the "Majestic Otter"

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OK, I thought the cast of characters on board this thing was getting a little long and obscure, breaks in the action being what they have been, so I went back and tried to unearth them all, along with a couple of others. If I missed anyone, please let me know:
  • Silver Hands: Jade, Leo, Eve
    Eisenfaust: Elke (also known as "Maud" or "Brunhilde Schwarz-Baburin"), Annabelle, Kevin
    Khoo and Anna-Lisa

    NPCs, arranged by first name if known rather than first appearance (which is murky in some cases):
    * Chigaku Kawamura (pudgy, obnoxious bureaucrat who had the run-in with Khoo; may or may not be dead, body possibly substituted for him; unnamed wife/whatever seen sobbing on observation deck)
    * Heinrich (large, cigar-smoking guy who hit on Jade in the smoking lounge)
    * "Jonnu Doisimi" (dead guy, Saraya's stud, real name not known yet)
    * Lonnie Budiel (crewman who went to the bilges and found the unnamed body, or body parts)
    * Moriarty (ship's captain)
    * Morokuma (pompous first officer)
    * Niranjan (dumped-on second officer)
    * Saraya (missing Lifemage)
    * Saraya's husband (does he have a name that I missed?) and his familiar Edgar
    * Takashi (chief steward)
    * Tori (young steward, knows Lonnie, may or may not be sleeping with the unseen "Josh")
    * Travis Dupree (bartender -- same guy as in your earlier "Rallahiem" thread? Your call)
    * Tsutomo Kobayashi (guy who sold Eve the daggers; may be part of the "Boris and Natasha" couple seen getting hassled by Kawamura ashore)
We also have at least one unidentified body (or body parts), and another if Anna-Lisa's read of the body that she and Khoo found is correct. There was also an Eisenfaust guy named "Fenstermacher" who was killed ashore just as the ship was getting ready to sail. There will probably be more dead bodies ...

There are also a few others described but not named: the large guy who stowed away on board (and has not been seen since that we know of) after climbing aboard from a boat; the terrified teenager who was the last person known to see Jonnu Doisimi alive; the cabin boy who brought Saraya's husband (did I miss a name for him somewhere?) the news that she was missing, and got turned into an axolotl for his trouble; Kawamura's small, round and horrified wife-or-whatever-she-is; Kobayashi's large and "formidable" wife, seen only at a distance being hassled by Kawamura ashore, and then handing a surreptitious money bag to someone not known to have boarded the ship. Some of these may acquire names and fleshed-out descriptions.

Did I miss anyone? Clearly we've been busy.

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