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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Sareth » April 25th, 2008, 7:20 pm

Maaaaaybe Jamie's male. Maaaaybe Jamie's female.

It is a mystery.

But feel free to tease us with a character we might meet some time...
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby DarkIntruder » April 25th, 2008, 7:48 pm

Sareth wrote:Maaaaaybe Jamie's male. Maaaaybe Jamie's female.

It is a mystery.

And from the sounds of his/her personality, it will likely remain a mystery, lest one of us risk horrible mutilations of our naughty bits and/or facial features. I like my mustache fine thank you very much.
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Weirdonian » April 28th, 2008, 10:41 pm

Name: Toivo Pohjola

Age: Late 20s

Occupation: Representitive of the International Agricultural Cooperative (IAC)

Appearance: Toivo is about six feet in height with grey-blue eyes, curly/wavy blonde hair (kept mostly short), a clean-shaven face, and an average build, though he does have a bit of a gut. His clothes are simple, tough, practical and clean. His ensamble includes: sunglasses (Do they have those?) a well-worn wide-brim straw hat, sans ribon; a dark green shirt; denim-like pants; a backpack containing: extra clothes (including a tan trenchcoat), a crystal ball, pencils, blank and written/drawn-in notebooks and IAC books & doccuments; hanging from his backpack are cooking implements, a sleeping bag, and a pouch containing a smooth, fist-sized, ovoid stone*; he carrys a well-used wooden walking stick that matches his height; and finally black, leather boots.

History: A native of the highlands of southern Tsuiraku, his family emigrated there well over a hundred years ago from Farrel. His family own and opperate a farm and are members of the relatively new IAC, an organization dedicated to uniting and improving both the lives and income of the farmers of the known world. Toivo acts as something of a recruiter, representitive and explorer for the IAC. He has some magical skills, mostly related to farming (geomancy, ley lines, dowsing, etc.). Toivo is considered to be rather eccentric by most of the people he meets, traveling with a rock he talks to*, promoting an organization some doubt even exists.

*Familiar?: Domovoi (Domo for short)

History: Toivo claims to have a familiar, passed down for generations in his family since long before their move to Tsuiraku from Farrel. This "familiar" resembles a light tan, smooth, fist-sized, ovoid stone. It does not appear to move, speak or do, well, anything but hang quietly in it's soft, burlap-like pouch. However, Toivo insisits it is alive and even speaks to it and takes it out to "get some air". He says his Great Grandfather found the stone in a river when he was a child in Farrel and presumed it to be Dwarven in origin; and Toivo says that Domo says that he can't remember much of his past before he was woken from his aquatic sleep, only blurry shadows. Though most think Toivo is something of a nutcase for talking to an inanimate rock, he insists Domo is an absolutely indispensable assistant and friend.

So... that's all I've got so far. I'd like to flesh him out a bit more, but he's being rather tight-lipped at the moment. If I can find some music that fits him, I think he'll be more forthcoming.
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby zanntos » April 29th, 2008, 11:46 am

Been tinkering on a Character Picture for my guy, might actually have it done in the next couple of days since i'm down to coloring it. Yay for only a couple hours a night to tinker with my art :( thank goodness for weekends, got softball tonight too so no drawing for me tonight.
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Imp-Chan » May 15th, 2008, 11:25 pm

Okay, I finally remembered what the NPC character was that I'd meant to add. Ironic that I forgot, since this happy little for-now NPC has acute amnesia.

Name: Most folks call him Selvay, after the tiny town in northwest Farrel where they found him, but he's pretty sure that's not really his name. He just can't quite recall what his name IS.

Age: He can't remember, but he thinks he might be around thirty, maybe. (He's off by several millenia, but who's counting?)

Physical description: He's... tall. Muscular. Basically a perfect physique, as every attractive female he's encountered hasn't hesitated to tell him. Some men, too, and even that one lonely sheep seemed impressed. He finds this admiration odd, because he never really DOES anything to get that figure, any more than he does anything special to take care of his disgustingly perfect pale green hair. It just blows around looking terrific and occasionally catching elegantly on his long ears. Come to think of it, he hasn't noticed that too many people have long ears like his, maybe that's why everyone thinks he's so attractive? Or maybe it's the green eyes, or the almost courtly grace. Or hell, maybe it's just that he tends to stay clean, and wears the decent quality if strangely cut clothes that he makes himself.

Personality: He's friendly and rather passive, except when he's being amorous, as he's more than a little lecherous, and rather undiscerning about his choice of partner(s). Much to the embarrassment of his bedmates, he regularly forgets whom he's involved with. He tends to let bygones be bygones, though, largely because he doesn't ever remember them for long anyways. He approaches all things with a childlike sense of discovery and wonder, and loves any kind of adventuring so long as it doesn't involve heights, elven architecture, or anything small and winged. Those things make him uncomfortable, so he avoids them whenever possible.

Origin: He was found one day outside a tiny town, stumbling around and babbling in some crazy language that sounded like Tsuirakuan... but wasn't. Surprisingly, it also wasn't a match for any of the Elven translation runes, though the townsfolk thought for reasons obvious to everyone but him that it would be. When asked about his home, he always insists that he can't remember, and further investigation reveals that he is equally unaware of his name, race, age, or profession. However, he is exceptionally skilled at magic and healing, so after a while few people bother to keep trying to point out the gaping holes in his mental faculties, at least within his hearing... it tends to upset him, though he's always perfectly recovered by the next day.

Note: I do have an actual back story for him, but he can't remember it so keep that in mind while using his character. He's an elf, from BEFORE they found the humans, BEFORE the Paedagogusi disappeared. He MAY have contributed to that disappearance. He was so lecherous, he tried to fondle the one who later became Castration. At the time, she had Kawaii's giant mallet, and walloped him so hard that permanent damage sank in even through his elfly majesty, and he went flying on a one-way trip all the way to somewhere near the Northern Confederacy. The result is a brain-damaged elf with amnesia, speaking ancient Rinkai until someone hung a translation amulet on him which kinda worked (about as well as internet gizmos translate Chinese to English, anyways), and only kinda able to learn anything. He's also really OLD, not that you could tell.
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby mindstalk » June 8th, 2008, 2:16 pm

I probably won't be playing; I'd be curious about mystery elf. Also about mystery rock.
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Tiamat » June 8th, 2008, 7:00 pm

Imp-Chan wrote:Note: I do have an actual back story for him, but since he can't remember it I'm not sure if I should share. Maybe I should... I think it's funny.

Funny is good. I think (when we get back to playing (which I'll do when I take the LSATs on the 16th (oh god I'm drowning in parentheses! Help!))) we're all mature enough to ignore the knowledge in character.

Share away!
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Graybeard » June 21st, 2008, 7:03 pm

I'm late to this party; may I still join?

Name: Grop(click)ior, "Grope" in human hearing. Called by various other names around campfires and guardposts...

Age: Very old.

Occupation: Let's just say "Explorer" and leave it at that.

Appearance: Rarely seen by day, so difficult to describe accurately. Very tall -- very tall -- and powerfully muscled, with odd, dark-red skin (see avatar at the right) and distinctly red eyes. Unkempt black hair covers (or almost covers) pointed ears and cascades down a neck bearing a prominent scar. Clothed (when wearing clothing at all) in a ragged tunic of the same dark-red color. His nose and mouth are ... unusual.

History: In the world of the "small ones" (i.e., those who inhabit Kiyoka), purely a legend, with the myths and stories growing every day. (Horror stories, in some cases; in others, not so horrible.) In his own world, one of the few males of his race to survive to old age, and a voluntary exile from his homeland for lo these many years -- not because he was shunned there, but because he knew that his continuing presence among his people would cause the shedding of much blood. Nothing wrong with that, of course, except that it was the wrong blood that would be shed -- the blood of the Tribe (sacred and nourishing enough in its way, but still, to be conserved rather than expended needlessly) rather than the blood of the Enemies. So he and his mate traveled far from the Tribe, living on what they could catch and kill (as goes without saying), hoping to re-establish a home in the wilderness, to which his mate would summon others of the Tribe in her own incomprehensible way. Everything was going according to plan ... but then he and his mate discovered Kiyoka.

*Familiar?: None.

This OK?
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby wonderandawe » June 25th, 2008, 4:38 pm

(I don't know how often I will be able to play)

Name: Aki
Occupation: Failed "Stemstress," Current Free Spirit (If i had to choose a class I guess Assasin, a mage to be might be interesting)
Age: 19ish
History: Aki is the daughter of a Saus Prostitute and an unknown father. When the time came for Aki to earn her keep, it was discovered she was too honest for the world's oldest profession. The last thing the customers wanted to hear was a critique on why they HAD to pay for sex. Thus, Aki was asked to leave.

Personality: Aki has an inability to keep her mouth shut and is a very poor liar. Perhaps one day she will learn tact; more likely she won't last that long. The only thing she has going for her is that she is clever.

Appearance: For all that she is a prostitute's Daughter, Aki doesn't look it. She is no great beauty, nor does she give much care to her dress. Most of the time she passes for a boy. Aki is rather tall, lanky, had dark hair and eyes.

(if you need more I can add it later. I used to be DaiDreamer5 on the other board. I haven't been around much lately.)
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Re: OOC - Character Workshop

Postby Imp-Chan » July 10th, 2008, 1:10 pm

I modified Selvay's post to include his back story. Enjoy.

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