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Postby Jack Rothwell » April 1st, 2020, 7:33 pm

Name: Moriarty Landau

Age: 27

Occupation: Sea Captain/Merchant/sometime Smuggler

Typical Equipment:
Generally unarmed, occasionally carries a rapier, very, very occasionally carries a spring-loaded one shot pistol if a dangerous meeting is coming up.

Appearance: Taller than his brother by a hair 5"11, and just as dashingly handsome, although 'Morty' would argue he was the better looking of the two. He shares his brother's angular features but not his hair colour. Moriarty's is blonde, typically down to his shoulders when natural but often curled and styled when not. He was a slender but toned build and often wears brights colours in his fancy Captain outfits which he swears are the height of fashion.

History: Grew up in foppish circumstances in the richer districts Port Lorrel. Mortiarty grew to love 'high society' with a passion, even from a young age the aristocrat displayed a charm and sophistication that made the ruling elite adore him (unlike his older brother). Moriarty was a disciplined student in his education and a dutiful son when it came to learning the merchant trade courtesy of his father; who only seemed to show affection for his youngest child and no-one else. Moriarty was the natural successor to his father's business connections and was negotiating deals with tradesmen and being sent on missions of diplomacy from the tender age of 17. His success and the advantages his birth gave him had him turning to sailing and broadening his horizons only a few short years later. Later on, the relationships he'd build (and no small amount of greed) led to more under the table deals in the form of transporting cargo certain employers would rather not pay tax on. More recently, Moriarty took a contract to Captain 'The Curious Narwhal': the appeal of a theatrical element being added to his job, along with outrageously fancy surroundings, was an offer the young merchant could not refuse.

Personality: Charming is Moriarty's middle name. Ever since he was a child he's been learning the art of business with a smile. While possessing a sophisticated intellect, Morty doesn't hold himself aloof from people lower on the social ladder, especially his crew. He is, however, vain, VERY vain about his looks and flippant about the trail of broken hearts and beds he's left behind. Moriarty is also carrying guilt over some of his illegal activities for reasons that may or may not become clear...

Abilities: A natural born performer and diplomat able to charm all but the most stubborn of individuals, and an experienced leader thanks to his time as a Captain. He speaks several different languages, from ancient to kobold. He's a competent musician, able to turn out a strong performance on both piano and violin. As a fighter Moriarty doesn't have much to offer; he's a semi-decent fencer at best thanks to his lessons falling by the wayside in favour of his profession... also he finds it easier just to pay someone to do the hitting if violence is necessary. No magical talent whatsoever.
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