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Postby Graybeard » November 21st, 2017, 3:53 pm

It's nice to have this game back up and running again! JR, any chance you'd be willing to write a little description of Crosby here? Meanwhile, I give you, for your NPC-manipulating enjoyment ... Fumiko.

Name: Fumiko Otani, "Fumi" for short

Occupation: Office worker at the Greater Tsuiraku Crystal Ball Production Plant, Tsuirakushiti

Description: See this post, where she was introduced, for the generalities. She's a thoroughly unremarkable 23-year-old Tsuirakuan woman, nominally of middle-class upbringing, but herself more "lower middle class" until she can afford to move out of her parents' apartment. She's of typical Tsuirakuan appearance, with brown eyes and long brown hair that she often wears in a curled style (which requires various emollients and treatments that she really can't afford, but appearances must be maintained). She's slightly shorter than average, of generally average build but with certain ... enhancements that she spent her first paycheck getting done at a thaumato-plastic surgery center. At work she wears standard business attire, while at home, it's mainly casual pajamas unless she's going out for the evening, when she tends toward the rather tacky outfit she's wearing when first seen in the Mushroom Woods.

She is unusual in Tsuirakushiti for having essentially no primary magic skills: she can use magic-based consumer goods without incident, but cannot do any independent spellcasting. (In other words, she could use a Yuuki staff if she owned one -- she doesn't -- but couldn't cast a Fireball or Force Bolt without it.) This contributes to her inability to find a better job, and somewhat lower social status than her routinely middle-class upbringing would imply. Her parents are indeed about as middle-class as they can get, but will not appear here.

Backstory: Again, see the introduction. Her humdrum life, with more than one fantasy of being swept away from it by some dashing young Tsuirakuan male who's taken with her good looks (and doesn't mind her completely bland personality), got interrupted first by the opportunity to make a few bucks by being a "volunteer" to test the new warp gate in Rinkaiel, and then by being transported, via Pocket Dimension, to the Mushroom Woods when that gate misfired. (For exactly why it misfired, read the assorted threads involving PC Lucas Ravanel, who was passing through Rinkaiel at just the right, or rather wrong, time to make such things happen.) Note that while, when she first shows up, she's dressed in an outfit suggesting she might find additional "employment" as a Lady of the Evening or some such. In fact, she has never been in this line of "work," and has a generally routine social life, if one short on lasting relationships as her boyfriends have discovered she's not as interesting as she looks. There simply isn't a whole lot of there there. Reports that her surname is pronounced something like "Oakland" are incorrect, however.

When putting words into her NPC mouth, it's well to remember that (1) prior to the current adventure, she's never been out of Tsuirakushiti in her life, (2) she speaks only Tsuirakuan and, never having had a need for a Translation gadget, doesn't have one, with the communications issues that implies (presumably "HEEELLP!" means the same thing in every major language), (3) she's basically scared out of her wits, such as they are, and (4) she'll cling to the first ... heroic ... figure that comes along. One other minor point: although magically inept, she is relatively physically fit. On the one hand, this follows from her social status, and on the other, it's one of the things that prevents her from moving up in Tsuirakushiti, where the implied reliance on physical rather than magical labor is a minor social stigma.
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