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Postby Graybeard » September 2nd, 2012, 11:09 am

Jack Rothwell wrote:I'm dumber than a sack of hammers when it comes to geography. The only locations I've got a grasp on that I invented would be Grendell, Tamina's village and Ester.

Basically Grendell is two days sailing south from Port Lorrel, and rests on the northern tip of the southern continent, Tamina's village is about an hours walk south from that. I put Ester (a tiny village with not much going on) about a day's ride east of the Port, and maybe a highway trading town called 'Logan's rest' about half a day's ride west of it.

Hope that's a help.

Thanks. It does help.

With the Southern Continent, we have the advantage that since it doesn't show up in Errant Story, we're relatively unconstrained in where we put things. In addition to your places, we know that further south, there is 19th-century-Africa-style jungle (where Brother Miguel was born) with small, obscure human settlements interspersed with lots of uninhabited and potentially scary places. Also in the south is a capital city called Douaga. (Five bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.) A mission of the Veracian Church is there, so it is presumably accessible somehow. That's about all we know of the continent. Sooner or later we should do some development there; you'll probably need it for the Ralkin threads, and remember too that both Blaise and one of the other missionaries who rescued Miguel had encounters with some death-god-like thing down there. It's fair to say that that may connect to the cult-of-death threads somehow...

The harder problem is where to put all the other places that have come up. Goriel isn't a problem; the Northern Confederacy extends north off the original map, toward the Far North (where the Senilis rest home was in Errant Story), with abundant room to put Goriel up there somewhere. But making Provatiel, Snamish, Getsemiel, etc., work in Veracia could be a challenge. There are also some things to deal with in Farrel, notably Rinkaiel and the stuff around Port Lorrel. A good map maker would be very welcome in helping with those.
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