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Postby Graybeard » June 1st, 2013, 11:08 pm

Per popular request, a LONG overdue update for this thing. As usual, entries are alphabetized by (usual) character name and are in the format:
  • Character name (owner), current location; what they're up to
-- with new player characters indicated in red.

I usually say "If I've omitted anyone, please let me know," but in this case I am quite certain that I have, indeed, omitted lots of characters, particularly from the Ralkin threads. Please either post a follow-up here or drop me a PM and I'll update. Thanks to Alberich for the first round of updates (note that I've deleted your test message).

  • Anfisa (Alberich), Farrel; clinging to Desiree and being glad she's out of Goriel
  • Angrist (Browncoat), boonies of Farrel; on the road to Salaband
  • Argus (Drannin), Port Lorrel; preparing to go very far north
  • Audie (Alberich), Farrel; doing what Veracian novices do
  • Brother Miguel (Graybeard), Kiyoka; planning a wedding, quiet for a while
  • Brother Timothy (Alberich), Port Lorrel; changing groups, about to go north
  • Desiree (Drusia), Port Lorrel: fretting about getting home, but probably going north instead
  • Drusia Valis (Drusia), Praenubilus Astu: getting debriefed by obnoxious elves about a possible death cult
  • Eli (Jack Rothwell), Farrel; back on the side of the good guys, probably (help needed with this one)
  • Eve (Jack Rothwell), Rinkaiel(?); probably not heard from lately(?)
  • Grope (Graybeard), boonies of Farrel; heading for the Island of Thralls, quiet for a while
  • Jade Ermingard (Jack Rothwell), boonies of Farrel; heading for Salaband
  • Kattie (Sareth), Bonny Read; inactive for a while
  • Khoo (Graybeard), Tsuirakushiti; back home in grad school
  • Layla (Graybeard), Rinkaiel; taking magic lessons and being domestic, quiet lately
  • Leo (formerly known as Martin Dashwood) (Jack Rothwell), Rinkaiel; ???
  • Mordan (Browncoat), Farrel; somewhere in an underground dwarven rail system after surviving an explosion
  • Rip (Rupert Ricordiel) (Graybeard), Bonny Read; inactive for a while, last seen in Goriel
  • Sister Rose (Graybeard), Port Lorrel; Preparing to go north, and also preparing to give Argus some news
  • Tamina (Jack Rothwell), Port Lorrel; one adventure done, another about to start
  • Therese (Graybeard), Farrel; somewhere in the underground after surviving an explosion
  • Udo (Alberich), boonies of Farrel; on the road to Salaband
Have I missed anyone?

Inactive characters (players):
  • Cithule (Cit) (Templar771), Lorenzel; talking to a musician, not seen for some time, possibly blown up
  • Connor (kylan.Red), Rinkaiel; not heard from for a while
  • Garlock (Garlock), Bonny Read: recovering from a food fight, not heard from lately
  • Gault (Hours), Rinkaiel; getting patched up by the Sisters of the Divine Dwarf after a minor accident
  • Hikari (Alessa), Rinkaiel; came and went quickly
  • Jack (Zaure), Rinkaiel; not heard from for a while
  • Jamie (Sareth), Lorrel; on a job, quiet lately
  • Jin-Liu (Porcelain Fish), Rinkaiel; blended back into the background
  • Jonathan Zeve (Tiamat), Volkanenborg; snoozing at the inn, not heard from for a long time
  • Kalin (4uk4ata), Rinkaiel; recently departed on a spiritual pilgrimage, more or less
  • Kureji (Viking-Sensei), Farrel; not heard from for some time, terrified the Malletarians and moved on
  • Leana (liefone), Bonny Read; recently discovered on the ground, now part of the crew
  • Lillith (Sareth), Santuariel; happily retired, married to Brad, and pregnant
  • Lucas (Viking-Sensei), Farrel Sea; landed who knows where; quiet recently
  • Maduin (Porcelain Fish), Tsuirakushiti(?); silent for a while
  • Marcus (AdamZero), Farrel Sea(?); hanging out with Jamie and family, quiet recently
  • Maya (kagome_kino), Rinkaiel; hanging out at the vineyard
  • Nihanin (UnbornCow), Waldhaxen Channel; not heard from for some time
  • Reyn (Reavey), Bonny Read: recovering from a hangover and food fight, quiet lately
  • Rhett Courier (Kincaide), Rinkaiel; fresh from a run-in with Captain Kitaura after getting mugged
  • Rice (Koshkoo), Rinkaiel: still serving all manner of good stuff from a shop, quiet
  • Roger (Dark Intruder), Volkanenborg; presumably snoozing in the inn, inactive for some time
  • Sasha (Viking-Sensei), unknown; operating a recently rebuilt gadget and being mystified by "Compassion," quiet lately
  • Suriah Chase (Caoimhe Faelan), Snamish; loving an elf, improbably enough
  • Tess (Dallen Andair), Rinkaiel; survived a bombing, quiet lately
  • Toivo (Weirdonian), Mittelberg; taking a "sabbatical" to clean up a plant plague, inactive for some time
  • Tom Brambil (Arreksu}, Bonny Read: recently landed with Rip and Leana
  • Tsubasa (LordofNightmares), Saus; last seen discussing something with Kureji, not heard from for a long time
  • Xzen (Xzen), Bonny Read; quiet lately, but still somewhere around the airship
  • Zander (Blackmail), Rinkaiel; providing a bit of protection for some curious characters, quiet lately

Per Impy's request, here's the orthogonal cut, showing who's where and arranged by thread:
  • Kiyoka: Brother Miguel, Vernon Atwater and NPCs Aunt Fei, Benji, Brother Farley, Corporal Kristi Yugawa, Brother Jerald, Father Redmond, Mrs. Tenorio, Portalmage Haziri, Sergeant Ohta, Sister Eva, Sister Margaret, Sister Marilyn, Uncle Sakai, Willy Sucriel, others
    Farrel threads:
  • Kugelheim: NPCs Barb, Faron, Hoss, Peter, Plato, Soc, and various other Gewehr
  • Port Lorrel: Anfisa, Argus, Audie, Brother Timothy, Desiree, Sister Rose, Tamina, Udo and NPCs Annabelle, Father Amalric, Carlos, Duffy, Keyes, Mrs. Matsen, Omar, Smitty, Titus, Dr. Rabbitfoot and Zero, Sergeant Carlson, Lucas Logan, Jones, Yogi, Father Unferth, Irving the novice
  • Mittelberg: Toivo and NPCs Clarence and unnamed innkeepers
  • Mountains of Madness: NPCs (various Malletarians and trolls, if any survived the volcano)
  • Volkanenborg (including amusement park) or nearby boonies: Jonathan, Roger and NPCs Annika, J.P., Reverend Hammersmith and unnamed others
  • Waldhaxen Channel and related boonies of Farrel: Grope, Nihanin and NPCs Scrobian, Harzh'biah
  • Rinkaiel and vicinity: Connor, Eve, Gault, Hikari, Jack, Jin-Liu, Layla (and Zachary), Leo, Maya, Rhett, Rice, Tess, Zander and NPCs Ace, Bert, Captain Ritter, Flora, Galina (and Oxana), Gryffyd, Joe, Joli, Neverinal, Oskar, Quince, Reverend Orpiment, Rufus, Sarya, Vikor, several Oshimas (pseudonym), unnamed others
  • Farrel Sea: currently none
    Veracia threads:
  • Saus: Tsubasa and NPCs Captain Kitaura, Father Digby, Portalmages Sazaki and Ryuzo, Sister Hortense, Father Pincus, Brother Fabian, Brother Merton, Jillian, Mufiel, Dorothy Ordial, Aron and Gretta Nuria
  • Heamish or nearby boonies: NPCs Father Rilus, Hildegard, Jason Hamael, Mildred Hamael
  • Homontel or nearby boonies: NPCs Father Rexford, Father Wellington, Selvay, others
  • Nautkia: NPCs Leofric, Lisebeth, Father Nestor, Nikolai, Sergeant Rogeriel, others
  • Lorenzel/Ramanzel: Cithule(? -- may have been killed) and NPCs Compassion, Elric, Father Absalon, Father Ranulph, Sister Penelope, others
  • Salticiel or nearby: NPCs Edith, Father Thaddeus
  • Leonish: NPCs Mr. and Mrs. Handriel, Zeb
  • Gervasiel: NPCs Jedidiah Bindiel
  • Snamish and vicinity, including Umbertiel: Drusia, Suriah and NPCs Alia Lucas, Beatrice Lucas, Benedict Lucas, Bishop Cyrus, Claire Lucas, Dess Marson, Father Arpad, Gloria, Kera Kondriel, Kim, Marius, Pico, Shemmy, Fred Tarmage
  • Getsemiel and vicinity: NPCs Brother Tyler, Bryce, Father Arnold, others
  • Goriel: NPCs (Clan Duravsky) Lord Arman, Chamberlain Grigoriy, Iokim, Leonid, Iosif, Malyuta, Pyotr, Oleg, Lev, Sasha, Irina, Kirassia, Tatiana, (Clan Yurkashev) Lord Shashenka, Sub-chief Sevastien, Kir, Yakov, Yarislava, Marfa, Andrei, Dominika, Valentina, Ravina, Veronika, (Clan Gibazov) Lord Semyon, Sub-chief Kiril, Yuri, Nikola, Dina, (others, including some with clan or name not specified), Naughty Nikita, Naughty Natassia, Yulia, Nastiya, Yu. Ognessian, Monsieur Laballe (off camera), Clan Chepilesky, "The" Kobold and "The" Nick
  • Ester: NPCs Tom Odd, Hogan, Baldwin
  • Boonies of Farrel en route to Salaband: Angrist, Jade, Udo
    Other threads/locales:
  • Tsuirakushiti: Khoo and NPCs Bauti, Haniko Goto, Lifemage Hildebrandt, Portalmage Gozami, Revyl Dirienzal, others
  • Bonny Read (airship): Garlock, Kattie, Leana, Reyn, Rip (and Thurston), Tom, Xzen, NPCs Shorty, Jon Wrackham, others unnamed
  • Southern Continent: NPCs Alleece, Father Morton, Lucy Kankaniel, Minister Musoke, Shortround, numerous others (help needed here with NPCs from the kobold village)
  • Tsuirakushita: NPCs Reiko, Sergeant-Major Orimoto (off camera), Mako
  • Praenubilus Astu: Drusia Valis and NPCs Numilo, Botris (elves)
  • Unknown, but out there somewhere: Kalin, Lucas, Marcus, Mordan, Sasha, Therese and NPCs Antoni, Arsoro Kurou, Brother Cosimo, Dr. Dasari, Elke, Father Egbert (sort of), Fayna Cleiviein, Jerecht, John Wolf, Lantos, Ledos, Leofric, Margot Nuria, Neverinal, Paukii, Ramian, Saiko Mesuinu, Sanjin, Mr. Stagpoole, Captain Moriarty, Mr. Sauvage, Father Boris, others
  • Named PCs and NPCs who have shuffled off this mortal coil: Gabriel Averis, Jargalan Rossa, and NPCs Amos, Arcangelo Arganial (aka faux Grumiel), Avner Indianel, Burton (Buddy) Arganial, Dano, Elizabeth (Liz) Arganial, Arty, Brother Hossa, Brother Kelso, Brother Ohmad, Brother Roeland, Charlie, Clem, Curley, Cuthbert, Dasuke Kinabalu, Father Blaise, Fred, Fritz, George, Gordon Grumiel, Hymie, Lefty, Lennie, Louie, Madeline, Malgorzata Vatnikov, Nera's parents, Nora, Porpington Bree, Private Ryono, Rebekah Codoin, Sarge, Seishi Torou and family, Sister Bree, Sister Nymphaea, "Sonny," Stevo, Thomas, Vito, Weed, Wilbur Hamael, Zhbrigeeul, Winslow and the Order of Expendables, Carloc and the Outlaw Clan Gyermanov, Matysh Markovich Gyermanov, most of Clan Zukalin, Luka Yurkashev, James McKellar, Jeremy, Commander Garald, Aleron, (Kobolds) Leli, Coreen, Hillan, Lorreece, Ilarin, Geena, Yalah and Teesha

As always, new players/characters are welcome, and please report any errors/omissions.
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