The Road to Salaband

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Re: The Road to Salaband

Postby Jack Rothwell » September 4th, 2013, 10:53 am

"What happens to your prisoner is no concern of mine." Jade replied airily. "The Falkenrohr can free him, hang him or hump him for all I care. And their opinion on the old bastard with the plant fetish is for the birds. Once I get my merchandise back, and maybe pay a little visit to Ester's blacksmith, I'll have everything I need to shut him and his operation down."

There was no bluff in 'Jasmine's' tone. In truth she was warming to the idea of working out her grievances while putting one of favourite toys to use in the process. The 'Golem Blade' was sorely overdue a live test.
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Re: The Road to Salaband

Postby Alberich » September 4th, 2013, 2:45 pm

"Just be careful you don't tell people how little you care," said Udo. "I think people around here watch out for anyone heading to those woods, think it's bad luck and stuff. Better you don't let anyone know."

They reached town without incident. Aden was returned to the lockup behind the Laughing Troll, and Udo and Jade had drinks inside. Whether or not she was expecting this, Udo behaved like a perfect gentleman, chatting about old adventures and heroic deeds but not trying any moves. And when the drinks and talk were over, and it was time to return to his Sensei, that was what he did.

Further inquiries revealed that Jade's goods were still safely locked up, and the Falkenrohr had confirmed that they weren't stolen - or at least weren't stolen from anyone who was going to complain about it. They arranged for her to be able to sell the through Scorz's, which she would be able to do over the next several days; and while the Falkenrohr would take a sizable "handling fee" and "protection tax" off the top, the result would still leave her some operating funds, including money to spend at the blacksmith for whatever new armaments she had in mind. And on the first night, she found it easy to climb to the roof of the inn and recover her father's pistol.

In short, things were looking up for her, and now all she had to do was stay out of trouble...fat chance!

[OOC: My recommendation is this: If Jade is planning a little expedition against the Vine Wizard in the Mushroom Woods, start a new thread, with a title like "Farrel - Vengeance in the Mushroom Woods" or something like that - and post her preparations there. Then if Browncoat returns, Angrist and Udo can continue their adventure in this thread; and if he does not, then maybe Udo will turn up somewhere else later.]
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Re: The Road to Salaband

Postby Alberich » October 27th, 2017, 6:01 am

Unsurprisingly, the Falkenrohr weren't interested in returning Aden to the custody of Udo and Angrist--like Udo and Angrist themselves, they knew nothing of the circumstances of his escape, or Jade's role in it; they only knew he'd gotten away from them less than a day out of town. They didn't fear any retribution from Egmil or the Eichenyttel Militia, but they didn't care for the knock on their own reputation if he escaped a second time, and it got out they'd entrusted him twice to the same "custodians."

Angrist had only simple needs and could camp outside town; it was up to Udo to search Ester for a different source of travel funds, whether that meant more adventures or more dishwashing.

[OOC: Jade's adventure continues here. If nobody objects, Udo will take part, then depart, though I don't think he should appear until after Elke meets Jade and Khoo. Later on, after this adventure, he briefly interacts with Therese and her companions. If having him participate in Jade's and Khoo's adventure is a problem because of other timelines, let me know and I'll introduce another character, preferably someone who comes in along with Elke. Regardless, I recommend this thread be moved to Rear View Mirror.]
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Re: The Road to Salaband

Postby Graybeard » October 27th, 2017, 10:52 pm

OOC: I think it's fine to use Udo in the new thread. Events there must be happening at least several weeks after this thread (to the extent that time means anything in an RPG) and there is plenty of time to get the "set" rearranged to fit the characters. He can come in via whatever mechanism; Elke, if she appears, will not be appearing in a way that integrates with the other characters, at least not immediately.

I'll move this thread to the Rear View Mirror tomorrow. (EDIT: And done.) Meanwhile, any newcomers interested in the Mushroom Woods thread? Should be fun.
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