Umbertiel, part 2 (Inquisition)

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Re: Umbertiel, part 2 (Inquisition)

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After a few hours honest work, Brother Timothy bid Nyle a good night, belted on his robe again, and made the walk home. He had quite healed his own injuries, so they didn't slow him. Once home, he lit a lamp -- he had not learned the prayer to make a stone glow with light; perhaps Brother Brad would teach it to him later -- and packed for the journey. Armor would be to heavy for long walks and a pike would look foolish, but he could wear a sword. A few tools would never go amiss, nor a bedroll and a small blanket tent, nor spare pants and a robe and a few basic toiletries. A few days' dried goods, a water bottle - the perishable food went into a basket, as did a bottle with the rest of his lamp oil, and he scribbled a note for his nearest neighbors to please keep an eye on the place. The house was private, not church, property, so he wrote a second note, effectively willing the house, land, and goods to his neighbors in the event of his proven death, with only his books and a few sentimental items to go to his fellow priests and his family. He thought they'd understand - none of them lived here. This letter he sealed and dropped in the basket. The neighbors would know when to open it and where to take it.

Although he could ill afford it, he also spent a couple of hours looking through his books. The scriptures themselves were a little dry, but there was a primer on the Elven Captivity and the Tribulations of the Faithful. He remembered struggling through Bradway's The Temptations of the Elves when he'd gone off for training, and he refreshed his memory with a couple of chapters. It was much easier going now that he was older. When he got back, he really was going to have to spend more time reading. The lamp was dying. He let it burn out, then left the place, locked up, dropped the basket and the note off with the neighbors, and slid a key under their door - they would know what to do, and would do it without complaining for their good neighbor priest. And may I keep good faith with them, and still be a good priest when I get back. He mused. She was cold to me and warm to her husband - well, that is as it should be.

He admired the other young lady more, the one who'd been so kind to Ronnie, and had not so much the air of the Superior Being - but she, too, was off limits to the Orthodox, and had cast no spell over him. Except the one that thumped him into the post while she huddled with Brad over by the wall...but as that may've saved his life, he couldn't really be angry about it. Thinking back he even laughed - what a sight he must have been!

He didn't dare sleep at home - he'd oversleep for sure. The thing to do was to get to the temple, catch a few winks and morning prayer, then join Rose for the private message, the one only she, he, and Brad were to hear. Then a splash in a washbasin and off on this new mission.
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Re: Umbertiel, part 2 (Inquisition)

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OOC: OK, new topic open. As usual, I'll leave this one open for a little while to collect loose ends, then close it, then move it to the Rear View Mirror in a couple days. So much has happened in this one that it'll probably be a good idea to keep it here for the moment, though, so we have all necessary background material. Anyway, the new one starts from this one without a break -- and the reason for its name will be clear enough in the morning.

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