Goriel and beyond, part 3

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Re: Goriel and beyond, part 3

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Re: Goriel and beyond, part 3

Post by Drusia »

"Then we're going to have to get her out of there," Rose said.

I blink. "Why?"

"The -- family considerations --" she couldn't bring herself to say the word "incest" -- "require it. And it's not just for her sake, but for ours. I didn't realize you'd lived here, Drusia, but since you did, you know the way the geteroi are used as part trading cards, part hostages, part spies, part tokens of esteem, part I-don't-know-what by the clans. I've never seen anything like it. We just can't face the reaction from the Duravsky men if they discover that what's been exchanged with them is one of their own cousins, or even half sisters."

I open my mouth to point out that getera are often cousins of major house members. So long as Desiree isn't paired with Arman himself or one of his sons, it really isn't that unusual. And it's not like she's planning to have children - at least I don't think she is. Might need to discuss that with her. Anyway, Rose is clearly upset about the incest issue. I probably shouldn't have brought it up, considering how prudish humans are about such things. After all, Kenny was Desiree's cousin too.

"I think we can get her out of there tomorrow, without causing too many political problems; we have to move out into the boonies, and she should go with us. Let us work on that. Under the circumstances I think it would be dangerous for you to go back into the Duravsky compound yourself. We'll take care of this one for you."

"I -" I begin, but... Rose looks like she's about to cry. I have been a bit hard on her, but I would have thought that Eli's murder spree would have been the straw rather than Desiree's situation. From the sounds of it, Desiree is quite in her element here - and for good reason. Many of the domination and submission games that I introduced to Snamish were based on some of the more... interesting aspects of life here. There were other, older influences as well - it's not like Elves never experiemented with S&M after all, but much of the parody harem play was inspired by my time in Goriel. It can be a fun situation to visit, so long as one is not required to live in it.

What I really wanted was confirmation that she'd help me with Eli. However, as I'm ushered from the room - damn it, I was hoping to sleep on that cot - I'll have to contend with waiting until morning.

Still... I need somewhere to sleep. It has been a long, tiring day.

The getera is still waiting outside. Good enough.

"Please escort me to the zenana," I say to her. Looking rather confused, she does so. Upon arrival, I find an unoccupied looking bed and lay down.

... Clan Duravsky has a nicer zenana. Ah well.

-- Drusia

OOC: Yeah, I don't think Drusia is going visiting tonight. She needs to clear up some plans with Rose first.

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Re: Goriel and beyond, part 3

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