Kiyoka, Douaga and beyond

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Re: Kiyoka, Douaga and beyond

Postby Alberich » January 23rd, 2013, 12:07 am

Neither Anfisa nor Audie had anything to say about it.

Anfisa stuck by Desiree's side, amused by her lover's new would-be devoted servant, and how he might be initiated as an acolyte of Anilis.

Audie stayed to the rear and kept quiet. A Novice his age was to be seen and not heard, and speak when spoken to. Besides, to his mind, he was getting away with plenty, getting up as late as he liked and spending time in company he'd never be allowed in back home, and this nun in charged was being...indulgent. Sure, the snake had been scary, but he'd been ready to do his part, hadn't he? And...and if he could learn that trick with the snake...oh, yesyesyes, that would be a thrill.
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Re: Kiyoka, Douaga and beyond

Postby Drusia » January 23rd, 2013, 11:24 am

The smile that spread across Musoke's face at Desiree's kiss went well beyond merely blissful. "Anilis, my lady?" he breathed. "Is this your god? How may I worship him?" He didn't get time to hear a direct answer, however, as Father Morton's pressure on his arm increased, and the group got moving downward again.
"Yes, let's," Sister Rose said, breathing an audible sigh of relief.

We start walking, and everyone seems to calm down again. That's good. In fact, since the churchy types seem to be less upset after my mention of Anilis (which seems a little weird to me, since it always riled up Tim, but what do I know?). So... I think I'll answer Musoke's question.

"Well, first of all," I say as we walk, "Anilis is female. She's the goddess of love and fertility. In a way, any time you plant a crop or make love with someone you care about, you're worshiping her." There - two absoutely harmless ways to worship Anilis.

-- Desiree

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Re: Kiyoka, Douaga and beyond

Postby Graybeard » January 24th, 2013, 5:48 pm

OOC: OK, on to the next thread. It will pick up exactly where this one leaves off.
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