2022-06-04: Once Bitten Twice Shy

Follow the adventures of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Fran and Naga in this all-new humorous entry to the growing Poeverse.
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2022-06-04: Once Bitten Twice Shy

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Being told by my deity to go fuck a snake seems like as good a time as any to become an Atheist.
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Re: 2022-06-04: Once Bitten Twice Shy

Post by Devon »

Well, this actually looks like Naga's ideal job: She was already willing to have sex for the sake of it when she thought she was in a rape dungeon, she can lay eggs with no disconfort at all, and she doesn't care her offspring...

Of course, it may be impossible for Lamias and humans to breed together, but she could still try, have sex and take the money...
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