2023-04-03: Home Delivery

Follow the adventures of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Fran and Naga in this all-new humorous entry to the growing Poeverse.
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2023-04-03: Home Delivery

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https://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.c ... c/pwc-0556

Can't do the traditional squat delivery, either. Guess they'll just have to suspend her by her arms and try to shake it out. Maybe a warm water delivery to get everything relaxed?
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Re: 2023-04-03: Home Delivery

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I wonder if she still can use her cloaca to lay eggs normally. I mean, inserting a womb in her belly and giving her a purely cosmetic human asshole, but leaving the cloaca untouched seems way easier than rearranging all of her internal organs, removing her snake urinary system and turning upside down her intestine just to have her piss and shit from her human parts...
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