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The store has had quite a few updates recently. The 2008 wallpaper collection is now available, all of 2009's wallpapers (well, the ones so far) are up, or at least, will be up soon, and we're having a big clearance sale as well. Tons of 8x 10 prints and buttons are on sale.
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Re: News

Post by Itterind »

I got that snowball print I've wanted but forgot about.

I love Concussions' expression. The holes in his face are special if a bit too... symmetric, but I love it!

It'll be great on my wall next to some of my anime posters and pages taped and bluetacked up!

I might buy some notebooks later. :)
Are they copies or originals? Probably copies (actually I'm not too sure about this at all), but just checking.
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Re: News

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The sketchbook pages are the originals, we've backed them up digitally so that we have a copy and can send the originals out.

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